Now Offering Drop Off or Limited Interaction Appointments

We at Farrell Animal Hospital wish to continue to provide exceptional care for your pets! In doing so, we want to also do what is best for you as well as our employees and their families.

  • We are asking clients if you are sick or if someone in your household is sick to please let us know so we can help make special arrangements for you
  • We are thoroughly cleaning exam rooms after every patient. We have also implemented a mid-day and evening disinfecting process for our lobby and reception area.
  • We are currently encouraging “limited interaction” and drop off appointments to help follow social distancing recommendations. Please follow this link for more information:
  • Requests for prescription refills, retail items, and pet diets will be handled in the same manner.
  • Any owners that are accompanying their pets in the hospital we ask to limit to one owner per pet
  • Employees that have been traveling, ill or have a household member ill have been given paid leave.
  • Covid-19 is species-specific so you cannot get it from your pet. However, it is a virus so your pet’s fur, leashes, and collars can spread the virus from person to person like any other surface. Hand sanitizer and hand washing are the best precautions to take to prevent this.