Drop-Off Appointments

What are Drop-Off appointments, and why do we offer them?

A “drop-off” appointment means that you will be leaving your pet at our hospital to be seen at the veterinarian’s earliest availability that day.  That can sound scary to a pet owner, but we promise your pet isn’t being placed into a kennel and forgotten while they wait to see the doctor.  Your pet is always our priority at Farrell Animal Hospital!  We provide comfortable bedding, water, and scheduled potty breaks for each patient.  The entire time that your pet is here, a Veterinary Technician is watching them to ensure they are receiving proper care.  We allow you to drop-off your pet because our doctor’s appointment schedules fill up (sometimes a week in advance), but they are able to provide medical care to dropped-off patients in-between their scheduled appointments.  We prioritize patient care in the following order:

1.) Emergency Situations

2.) Scheduled Appointments

3.) Drop-off Appointments

Since dropped-off patients are worked into the day’s schedule, it is often unclear what time they will be seen – so they may be with us for a large part of the day. Our goal is always to work with each patient as soon as possible, but it may be as late as 5:30pm before you are able to pick up your pet.  However, there is no need to worry when you leave your pet in our care.  At Farrell Animal Hospital, we treat our beloved patients with the same excellent quality of care as if they are our own pets.